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Serving communities in Carter and Love Counties of Oklahoma by providing free essential adult literacy skills and tools.

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Let us help you overcome barriers to a better life!

Enrollment is ongoing and we have convenient options which best serve your needs.

Offering day and evening adult education classes in person or via Zoom! Giving YOU the power to decide which option fits best for your busy schedule. 

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In person learning is available in Ardmore mornings and evenings.

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Marietta, and Healdton classroom instruction is available evenings only.

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Classes are also available via Zoom. 

Meet the Executive Director

Mary Finley

As Executive Director of New Dimension Literacy Council, I am so grateful. Every school year as we get ready for a “new dimension”, my gratitude is overflowing for our founder, retired educator, Carolyn Pirtle, who sought me out in 2018 to recommend I take on this position. I can truly say this is the most rewarding occupation in my 45 years of being in the workforce. Huge thanks to the Board of Directors and most definitely to my awesome crew of staff for your support and confidence in me.

The real heroes are our students! Seeing the pride on their faces as they graduate or receive their passing test scores always makes my heart leap with joy and has been a renewable source of inspiration. 

Ms. Finley has a bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant, Oklahoma, and a Master of Divinity from the ITC/Morehouse School of Religion, Atlanta Georgia.

Why Literacy Matters!

The correlation between illiteracy and poverty remains evident with a high percentage of adults in the United States experiencing poverty due to not having a high school diploma or GED. In Carter County, OK, 23.4% (8.085) of the White population, 25.8% (840) of the Black population, 12.9% (71) of the Asian, 76.0% (2,415) of the Hispanic, and 33.6% (1,213) of Other do not have a high school diploma. In Love County, 28.1% (1,995) of the White population, 4.4% (7) of the Black population, 35.3% (10) of the Asian, 39.7% (558) of the Hispanic, and 31.7% (183) of Other lack a high school diploma (Demographic Statistical Atlas of the United States). These statistics show the overwhelming necessity for literacy programs, including Adult and ESL tutoring in both Carter and Love Counties. By increasing in literacy, you gain a voice, you can earn more money, and build a legacy. Literacy is a gateway to living your best life!


Education is the key to unlock society!

In 2008, New Dimension’s founder, retired educator, Carolyn Pirtle, took a leap of faith, securing headquarters space in the Literacy Center of the Ardmore Public Library to provide tutoring in Adult Basic Education, English As A Second Language, Math, Digital Literacy and GED prep. In our main location, we have a computer lab, laptops, and Chromebooks. There is a digital projector and overhead projector, and a printer. In Ardmore, we offer morning, evening and Zoom classes.

Since then we have opened 2 additional campuses for adult learning.

In 2020 we began services in Marietta at the Love County Library, and as of September 1, 2022, we have an extension in Healdton, OK, at the Healdton Community Library.

In Marietta, we offer GED classes Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:30-5:30 p.m.; and in Healdton, GED classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4-5:30 p.m.


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Providing second to none Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, Math, Digital Literacy, and GED prep courses that are designed to enhance the learning experience and equip our students for an improved quality of life.

New Dimension’s vision is to prepare lifelong learners and problem solvers to be literate and productive members of society.

Cash App $NDLC320E or Email Mary Finley, Executive Director, at or call 580-630-9055 for sponsorship opportunities.

Email Mary Finley, Executive Director, at or call 580-630-9055